About Us

Who we are

SGF Consult is a Bulgarian based company with links to Ireland and the UK. We have over 20 years experience in database driven web and windows applications. We have worked with multiple companies in providing solutions to their web and in-house requirements. Improving your businesses model by providing the tools to maximise your IT. We can provide everything from security, database design, web design, hosting, email, workflow, backup, disaster recovery and more.

Case studies
How we've helped.


Business Start-Up

Varlon launched in 2023, we provided hosting, website, SEO, email, client database, LinkedIn setup and marketing. Being involved from the start meant we could provide advice on all IT requirements and best advice on everything from choosing a company name, obtaining their URL and more.


ATE Consult

experienced SME

ATE Consult have over 20 years in ISO consultancy specialising in Maritime. We helped improve their productivity through in-house solutions, security, backup and upgrades. We continue to provide assistance in all their IT requirements.


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